Hey guys,

Today I’m just going to blab a little bit. So, first off, I just started playing Assassin’s Creed III. I have to say, this one is probably the best one by far. Don’t get me wrong–I love each of the previous games to bits. But, Ubisoft really did an awesome job on ACIII. As a history lover as well, I think it’s totally awesome that you’re able to interact with the Founding Fathers, appreciate the detail put into Colonial Boston and New York, and… sail a ship! How neat is that? I thought that was a very cool feature they added to the game. And thank goodness they brought horses back. Ziplines were cool and all, but it was rare that I needed to use them. And riding horses through the squished streets of Rome in Brotherhood wasn’t very effective, either. So far, I think the plotline for Connor (as well as Desmond’s) has been rather engaging. My favorite part of the game so far is the true freeroam-y feel it has. With all the different things you can do both in a town and in the wilderness, Assassin’s Creed III is, in my opinion, the awesomeness that Red Dead Redemption could have been. RDR turned me off with the incredibly pessimistic tone it had. Progressing through the storyline (interacting with negative people, getting screwed over when you do the right thing) drove me nuts a bit. The world isn’t a great place, but it’s not THAT horrible, either. Anyways, ACIII one-ups RDR for that reason.

Onto other matters. I think my next upload will be a career. After creating the ER Doctor career, it seems a little funny that you have EA’s very generalized medical career (going from a janitor to a paramedic to a nurse to a world-renowned surgeon? LOLWHUT) and then the very specific Emergency Dept. Physician career option. I’ll try to upload several other types of medical careers soon. My main goal is to create as many specific careers per rabbit hole as I can, because the EA careers have gotten pretty boring to me. I like to have a lot of variety in my game, and for many of my sims, I want them to work usually at a specific job level within an EA career (for instance, I may just want my sim to be a paralegal for the duration of their working life, and not get suddenly promoted to a district attorney or a judge or something). The next career I upload will be an Oncologist, the one after that perhaps a Coroner (I’m going to assign the Coroner to the Police Department rabbit hole, since my hospital will be squished full of other medical career options by the time I’m done with them all). If you have a career you would like to see made, let me know. 🙂

I think I’m done blabbing now. G’night!


About hazelnuthibiscus

I've been playing The Sims for six years, starting with The Sims 2. I've moved on to Sims 3, creating lots, worlds, and careers to add diversity to my game. I'll share what I make on this blog, and I'll take requests, as well. I have World Adventures, Nightlife, Generations, Pets, Showtime, Seasons, University Life, and Island Paradise.
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